Dependable Dentures to Replace Your Teeth

Denture Fittings for Better Health and Function

If you're missing multiple teeth, dentures from Spring Valley Dental may be the best solution for you. Dentures are an affordable way to replace your missing teeth so that you can enjoy normal mouth function, as well as a restored smile. Dentures resemble your natural teeth so there is no noticeable change to your smile's appearance.

Complete and Partial Dentures Available

Complete dentures are used if you have lost all your teeth. They are custom created and positioned in your mouth to replace your missing teeth. They are removable and may require adjustments to property fit your gums and mouth.

Partial dentures are for those who are missing teeth, but some teeth still remain on your upper or lower jaw. These replacement teeth can be removed or fixed to adjacent teeth for support and to prevent remaining teeth from slipping out of position.
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